Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

No, your customers do not need an app. They simply open the camera on their phone and point it at your Yay! QR Code. A notification will appear on their phone screen. They simply tap the notification and when the ‘payment page’ appears on their screen tap or click to pay.

Mobile payments are very secure as they require an extra layer of verification, either finger print or facial recognition. All transactions are encrypted before being sent for authorisation.

Our payment partner is Stripe, one of the largest and most trusted payment companies in the world. Their customers include Amazon, Uber and Airbnb. Yay! is never involved with your payments or bank details. You bank details are held securely by Stripe and Stripe pay you directly.

Yay! connects with Stripe using their ‘Connect Express’ platform so we ask you to set up a dedicated Stripe account to be used in conjunction with Yay!

Stripe pay you in 3 business days after each transaction. The monies are paid directly into your nominated bank account by Stripe.

Yay! collects a fee of 1.69% + 2p on each transaction. This is collected by Stripe from the amount due to you and paid directly to Yay! by Stripe. There are no other costs or charges. Yay! reserves the right to review charges if your average transaction value falls below £15.

The easiest way for a customer to pay is with their mobile wallet. The ApplePay option will automatically appear on the their screen if they have ApplePay set up – likewise GooglePay or SamsungPay on an Android phone. If your customer doesn’t have a mobile wallet set up they have the option to pay by entering card details, which is also simple and quick!

There is no upper limit to the amount you can charge using Yay! If the customer has the funds or credit limit available you can charge any agreed amount. Our transaction fee of 1.69% +2p is based on an average transaction value of £15+

We don’t ask you to sign a contract and there is no restriction on how many transactions you can put through. Use Yay! as your sole payment provider, or simply have Yay! as a back up to be used when you have a problem with your terminal with another payment provider.

When you download the Yay Charge app and open your Yay! account you also have access to our Yay! web dashboard. You can use the Yay! dashboard to create payment pages that you can print, email or share via social media.

Go to https://dashboard.yay.codes and login using your registered Yay! app login email and password. The dashboard shows all your transactions in realtime and enables you to create customised payment pages which you can print or share by email or social media

If you have a question about the Yay! app, the web dashboard, or you would like to discuss your rate with us please email help@yay.codes

If you have a query regarding your Stripe account or a payment please contact Stripe directly via https://support.stripe.com

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