Start taking card payments in under four minutes* from NOW

No terminal required - FREE Set up

You can do it with Yay!

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* the typical time it takes to download our free Yay Charge app and open a Stripe account

No Hardware

Yay! is a ‘software only’ solution. You don’t need a terminal. All you need is your mobile phone & the Yay Charge app

No Upfront Costs

Yay! is free to setup. You don’t have to buy or rent a terminal

No 'lock in' Contract

Yay! is a pay-as-you-go solution. Use Yay! as often as you wish. All you pay is a small fee on each transaction

Fast & Easy Sign Up

Need to accept card payments right now? Download the Yay Charge app and in around four minutes you can start accepting payments

Competitive Rates

All you pay is 1.69% + 2p for each transaction

Daily Payouts

You are paid directly by Stripe three days after each transaction

Don’t lose sales

In this cashless Covid era it is essential to be able to accept card payments from your customers.

They can pay with Yay!

"Yay! is insane. I travel to my PT sessions by bike, so being able to simply take payment there and then using my mobile in less than one minute is so convenient and simple. So no having to chase payments or having to take cash to the bank. And I receive immediate notification that the payment has been processed. Wicked!"
Joe Clark
Teacher & Personal Trainer


Are you anxious & stressed waiting for customers to make that promised bank transfer?

They can pay with Yay!!

"My catering venture used to be extremely stressful at times as I relied on customers to transfer payment to me ... Then I was introduced to Yay! Now I simply create a Yay! code on my mobile phone for the agreed amount which they scan to pay giving me instant peace of mind"

Great Backup Option

Your card terminal fails. You can’t accept card payments. Customers don’t carry cash.

They can pay with Zaura!

"I own two busy hair salons in London and Yay! has been a pleasure to use. On a few occasions my card terminal has unexpectedly broken down or been unable to connect based on poor signal ... I can't recommend Yay! highly enough - such a great way to take payments and gives me peace of mind that I can take payments on the go and always have a back up option if needed!"